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Welcome to the dREAMS website, a portal to a wide range of information regarding Malformation Syndromes, including skeletal dysplasias. dREAMS is a resource for, amongst others: radiologists, clinicians, students, molecular geneticists and researchers. It has applications in diagnostics, teaching and research. It will also be of interest to those involved in the development of other clinical databases.

Send us your contact details if you think that access to the dREAMS resource would benefit you.

At the heart of dReams is an advanced database (known as a knowledge base) containing tens of thousands of radiological findings, each carefully described in precise radiological language and referencing a radigraphic image. The database structure incorporates an ontology of radiological langauage with links to related onotologies. Modern computing technologies use these ontologies to allow interpretation of the meaning of the radiological language used to describe the patients, enabling advanced searches to be completed.

This project has been funded by the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children and is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Certus Technology and the ESDN imaging group. This partnership is a result of previous collaborations and our work is therefore highly interlinked with other projects and organisations.